Solution Engineer (Enterprise Networking & Cybersecurity)

Campbell, CA

Reports to:

Josh Close, VP of Engineering

Job Description

As a member of the engineering team the solution engineer interacts directly with clients, members of the operations team and the account management team to help drive the company forward by designing, implementing and supporting the technology solutions offered by Dasher Technologies. The solution engineer will operate in both a pre- and post-sales capacity to deliver a high value engineering experience and the professional services that are integrated with Dasher solutions. Work hours will vary based on the type of working being performed and could be conducted during day or evening hours.

About Dasher Technologies

Dasher Technologies is a leading national IT solution provider, headquartered in Silicon Valley, that designs, delivers, and manages innovative solutions that digitally transform businesses. Dasher maintains strategic relationships with world-class manufacturers and has industry-recognized expertise in technologies such as hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, enterprise networking, and data center services. Dasher professional services enable clients to navigate the journey from one generation of technology to the next, setting the standard for personal service through its trusted work of expert engineers and account managers. Dasher is an award-winning, certified Woman Owned Business with offices in California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southeast. To learn more about Dasher, please visit us at

Job Requirements

Job responsibilities

The solution engineer will have a wealth of experience and knowledge with enterprise IT solutions and work closely with the sales and engineering teams in all aspects of the sales and implementation cycle. The ideal candidate will need a high level of technical expertise in multiple technology areas; including: cybersecurity solutions such as firewalls, end-point protection, wireless security such as network access control (NAC) solutions, UEBA, cloud security and networking solutions.  The candidate must have the ability to implement end-to-end solutions; have hands-on experience setting up and optimizing large scale heterogeneous environments. The solution engineer will manage an annual training and development plan that requires testing and certification from various manufactures. This will require more than 15% of the solution engineers time.

Minimum requirements

The solution engineer operates in a multi-function role often consisting of pre-sales assessment and architecture design, post-sales implementation and documentation and certification training. Because our solution engineers routinely operate in a dynamic business and customer environment, they must feel comfortable in a highly versatile role with rapidly changing conditions. Travel is required for this position. Bachelor’s Degree in related field is desired, 6+ years of experience in related field required or 1-2 years delivering professional services.

Professional certifications and expertise in the following technologies are highly desired: Aruba, Palo Alto Networks, Tenable, DarkTrace, Cylance, Cisco, Meraki, Juniper, Arista, SilverPeak, F5