Innovator in Safe and Modular Nuclear Power Streamlines Business Operations with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager, Gigabit Wireless, and HPE Data Center Switches to Streamline Business Operations

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 5:00 am PST

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company (NYSE:HPE), today announced that NuScale Power LLC, developer of a new generation of safe, modular and scalable nuclear power, has deployed a combination of Aruba and HPE solutions to drive better business efficiencies for its employees.

Approximately three years ago, NuScale began replacing its previous wireless infrastructure with an Aruba network, beginning with its headquarters office in Portland, Oregon and following with the company’s additional five remote locations. In similar fashion, with assistance from an HPE Platinum Partner, Dasher Technologies, NuScale’s preferred technology solution provider, NuScale is now upgrading its entire network by rolling out Aruba’s 802.11ac access points, mobility controllers and access switches and new HPE FlexFabric data center switches. NuScale has also deployed Aruba AirWave for network management and ClearPass Policy Manager for full wired and wireless Network Access Control (NAC), secure device onboarding and guest access.

In an industry where quality and safety are ingrained in company culture, NuScale relies on its wireless network to provide the flexibility and collaboration employees need to operate effectively while keeping to a tight project schedule. According to Doug Breitmayer, senior network engineer for NuScale, employees spend a great deal of time collaborating and conferencing, working from places other than their desks, so having reliable, high-speed wireless access is crucial to ensure productivity and efficiency. Enabling secure collaboration on engineering deliverables is particularly vital to NuScale’s business and Breitmayer notes that the new wireless network has enabled this automation. “A quality-driven design process is a fundamental requirement in our industry. Being able to pick up your laptop, connect back to the design document repositories and collaborate in that environment is critical and only made possible with our Aruba and HPE network in place. With over 80% of our personnel working on collaborative documentation, the business impact is substantial.”

While the wireless network is mission-critical, Breitmayer says that ClearPass is even more important to NuScale’s efficient network operations.

“We live and die off of ClearPass,” Breitmayer said. “It’s our complete NAC solution, our central RADIUS authentication point and how we support BYOD and onboard all devices. We save at least 10-15% of our IT department’s time and resources by using ClearPass capabilities.” He added, “Being able to use the same tool to unify the wireless and wired networks, the integration and secure access controls across platforms that ClearPass enables – that’s where the real value lies for us.”

Moving forward, Breitmayer says that NuScale is excited about the integration of Aruba and HPE. “We like the roadmap we’ve seen so far and the ability to combine the HPE FlexFabric switches in the data center with the Aruba campus switches at the edge,” he said. Breitmayer added that the new technologies that have emerged recently such as 802.11ac and its beamforming capabilities, are allowing users to have a more consistent experience, even when more devices are added to the network.

Said Breitmayer, “We can encourage people to stay on the wireless network and not worry about the cable infrastructure. Everybody needs some kind of wireless access. It’s a utility now, and our Aruba and HPE network ensures that it’s a reliable and secure one.”

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