San Diego, California (PRWEB) January 07, 2015

Software consulting company Zefflin Systems today announced a partnership with leading systems integrator Dasher Technologies. The alliance enables customers to realize a seamless private cloud solution from storage, network, servers and automation software, to world-class implementation and integration services. For IT organizations, it represents the opportunity to reduce complexity, improve speed of service, and dramatically increase IT operations staff productivity.

To support growing businesses with flat or shrinking IT budgets, today’s CIO has no choice but to increase IT staff productivity. At the same time, IT departments are faced with the need to improve the speed of service while maintaining a secure computing environment, all while technology is changing at a blinding pace. The Dasher-Zefflin partnership delivers essential skills and expertise to address those problems by bringing to market best of breed, turnkey private cloud systems covering IT processes that go well beyond infrastructure and virtualization to include service catalog, approvals, chargeback, automated provisioning of applications, network, storage and database, and automated governance/compliance.

The challenge is significant because new hardware and software technologies emerge constantly, and they may not integrate seamlessly. The Dasher-Zefflin partnership fills a critical need by offering cutting edge expertise in market leading tools and technologies while developing best practices for integration of those tools and technologies, from storage, network, server, database, middleware and applications. This comprehensive approach enables both companies to cut through the hype and focus on solving business problems with the best, state of the art technologies and expertise available.

“We’re very excited about working with Dasher,” said Sam Melehy, Zefflin CEO. “Their deep system integration expertise enables us to bring pre-integrated automation solutions to market, dropping both risk and cost of implementing data center automation and private cloud solutions for our customers”

“In the same way that our clients are looking to partner with Dasher to augment their IT staff, we have partnered with Zefflin to expand our capabilities in the private cloud space.” said Chris Saso, SVP of Technology at Dasher. “Matched with our hardware and data center infrastructure knowledge, Zefflin brings critical automation and orchestration expertise to the table at a time when organizations are embarking on their next generation data center strategies.”

About Zefflin:

Zefflin is a consulting company focused on Datacenter Automation, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solution implementation and integration. They offer advanced, cost effective solutions to their customers in the areas of request/catalog management, automated provisioning (OS, application, database, storage, and network), policy governance and compliance for the entire computing infrastructure. Their best-of-breed approach focuses on leading software tools like OpenStack™, VMWare VCloud Suite, Puppet™ and Chef™, and enables customers to leverage their existing software investments, minimizing cost. Zefflin’s vision is to bring to market consulting/software solutions that enable the lights-out datacenter. This will allow customers to implement fully automated, private and hybrid cloud systems, delivering low cost, high quality IT services to their customers while minimizing personnel cost.

About Dasher:

Dasher Technologies is a premier IT solution provider that delivers expert technical resources to architect and deliver complete data center solutions and services to help clients deliver on their goals, plans and objectives. Our strong technical expertise and vendor independence allow us to integrate best-of-breed software, hardware and services into a custom solution that directly impacts your business. We have a 1:1 ratio of Account Executive to Solution Architect staff that work to ensure project success and customer satisfaction.

Our Solution Services augment in-house capabilities with consulting and value added services for architecture development, Implementation and migration planning, proof-of-concept test design, infrastructure configuration, technical training development and delivery as well as start-up deployments. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Dasher also has offices in Oregon, Alabama, and Florida and is registered as a certified Women Owned Business.

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