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Tenable Cyber Exposure Solution Provider

Dasher Technologies is a national Tenable Gold Partner and reseller that is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dasher Technologies is a Tenable Gold Partner

“We are often asked by clients to conduct penetration testing (#20 on the CIS best practices list). This is basically the act of hacking into their network,” said Chris Saso, Dasher CTO. “We actually recommend starting with vulnerability scanning (#3 on the list). Let’s make sure your network is in order before we try and break-in.”

Dasher Technologies and Tenable Solutions

Cyber Exposure Solution Provider

Organizations of all sizes have embraced digital transformation to create new business models and ecosystems, deliver new products and services and operate more efficiently in the digital economy. As an official Tenable solution provider, Dasher Technologies is committed to protecting our clients with industry-leading solutions designed to help understand, manage and reduce cyber risk. Tenable technology allows us to build solutions that fit our customers’ needs and evolving digital environments. It’s a key part of how we drive improvement with metrics-driven vulnerability management programs.

The Tenable Cyber Exposure Platform uniquely provides the breadth of visibility into cyber risk across IT, Cloud, IoT and OT environments. The platform provides the depth of analytics to measure and communicate cyber risk in business terms — helping companies make better strategic decisions. Our expert engineering team are trained to holistically assess, manage and measure cyber risk across the modern attack surface.

Dasher Technologies is a certified Tenable solution provider that is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tenable Lumin

Dasher uses Tenable Lumin, an advanced visualization, analytics and measurement solution, to understand and reduce your cyber exposure. Lumin transforms vulnerability data into meaningful insights to help you manage cyber risk across your entire organization.

Dasher uses (formerly SecurityCenter) for continuous, real-time assessment of your security posture so you can find and fix vulnerabilities faster. Built on leading Nessus technology, discovers unknown assets and vulnerabilities and monitors unexpected network changes before they turn into breaches.

Using, Dasher Technologies can reduce the number of vulnerabilities requiring immediate attention by 97%. Predictive Prioritization uses threat intelligence data drawn from multiple reliable sources for machine-learning enhanced services that let you to zero in on remediating the vulnerabilities that matter most. provides the actionable and accurate data you need to identify, investigate and prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your modern IT environment

Add-on modules Web Application Scanning

Safely, accurately, and automatically scans your web applications, providing deep visibility into vulnerabilities and valuable context to prioritize remediation. For modern and traditional frameworks. Container Security

Seamlessly and securely enables DevOps and microservices processes by providing visibility into the security of container images — including vulnerabilities, malware and policy violations – through integration with the build process.

3 keys for managing cybersecurity risk

Implement security best practices that reference global standards and are verified by an objective volunteer community of cyber experts.

Find and fix (first) the 3% of vulnerabilities that matter most to reduce cyber exposure.

Identify and fix vulnerabilities before deployment to save significant time and reduce complexity.

Dasher Technologies Tenable Certifications

Dasher holds the highest of level of every technical certification that Tenable offers. We can power your company with proven, industry-leading IT infrastructure products and software from Tenable.

Dasher Technologies Tenable certifications include:

Certified Sales Associate

Certified Pre-Sales Engineer

Certified Pre-Sales Architect

Certified Pre-Sales Integrator

Certified Quick Start Implementation Engineer

Certified MSSP Engineer

““Every organization operating in today’s digital economy must take a risk-based approach to vulnerability management. Ad-hoc vulnerability scanning and a ‘check-the-box’ approach is inadequate in today’s dynamic landscape,” said Amit Yoran, chairman and CEO, Tenable. “Tenable is leading the charge to transform the market with innovations like and Tenable Lumin - which are reshaping how CISOs understand, translate and communicate their organization’s cyber risk. We believe this designation as a Leader from Forrester is a testament to our continued innovation and vision.”

Why Dasher Technologies as your Tenable solution provider?

Dasher’s expert engineers are deeply trained on the latest Tenable solutions.

Dasher Engineers are part of the Tenable Guardian group.

Dasher has access to the widest offering of Tenable solutions across its networking, cybersecurity and data center technologies.

Dasher is a trusted technology partner, crafting a specific plan to fix your IT challenges.

Dasher offers comprehensive IT expertise to deliver holistic, vendor-agnostic solutions.