Overall we’ve always been very positive in regards to the service we receive from Dasher. In our eyes, Dasher and the people working on behalf of them, are always willing to go one step beyond what other VARs will do. Establishing this interpersonal and trust early on, and then exemplifying it on a consistent basis is what we’ve come to expect from Dasher.

Jason Johnson

Crystal Dynamics

The Dasher team has been exceptional in providing assistance, consultation, and keeping track of what we already have to make informed suggestions. One of the reasons we keep coming back to Dasher is that Dasher operates like extended members of our team. That adds real value when we don’t have to re-explain everything for every order.

Eric Fischer

NuScale Power

“Dasher remains the only sales partner I have worked with where I feel they are working for me rather than the names on their line card. They represent their vendors with dignity and expertise, while at the same time representing the best interests of their customers.”

Anthony Cordeiro


“My experience with Dasher goes back many years. I rely on them heavily to keep me up to date and to make sure I stay on the right track and ahead of the curve. I always can rely on them to be completely knowledgeable on all the topics and technologies that are important to my business.”

Bryan Bond


“I want to thank Dasher Technologies with a special thanks to Curtis Churchwell and Justen Layne for helping us get our servers virtualized. Dasher went out of their way to meet and talk by email, phone, and in person to make sure we were getting everything we needed from the beginning to the end of the project. Whether it was getting quotes, double checking requirements, or just making sure everything was on schedule, Dasher was professional in every sense of the word. When the project finished, the rack was immaculate with nothing out of place- Dasher installed the rack, cabling, servers, software, switches, SAN, and the backup appliance. All of the virtualized servers have increased performance, less downtime, and are easier to manage. I highly recommend virtualizing any servers you have and using Dasher Technologies to do so.”

Michael Crisson

Mitchell Grocery Corporation

“Check everyone else first, then check out Dasher last, because that’s who you will go with.”

Mike Vincenty


“Dasher has worked with us really well to come up with solutions that are unique to our industry. It about trying to find something that is cutting edge, but at the same time provides great value.”

Brad Dispensa


“I choose Dasher because they do excellent background research and work with me well deep into the process when it comes to obscure projects that are a harder to spec than the average ‘I need a webserver, I need a database server’.”

Jeff Vier


“They’re our local vendor that we’ve worked with for years and our sales rep is really friendly and helps us resolves any issues that arise.”

Eric Pan

IT Director, OCZ

“I value the relationship I have with partners, more importantly is that they take the time to understand what I’m trying to accomplish from an organization model and company model. It’s extremely imperative to have a vendor understand the process for rolling something into my environment because I use a non-traditional new services introduction model.”

Thomas Bakewell


“We value Dasher for the knowledge and assistance with understanding our business problems and how they can bring value to those problems, which has resulted in a long term relationship.”

David Hubbard

Global Foundries

“Dasher provided onsite remote setup and support, design, and networking input, as well as maintenance support. The ‘after-the-setup’ support is the real value-add for us and is a large part of our continual process improvement—and why we continue to work with Dasher today.”

Steve Brooks

OSU Federal Credit Union

“I really appreciate Dasher Technologies’ ‘customer service’ attitude and how, as the customer they make us feel like we are truly values and that HP truly deserved our business. Furthermore, it is very refreshing to find an organization that demonstrates customer service: dedication to putting the customer first. Such service helps build a great working relationship.”

Ron Smith

West Valley Community College District

“Dasher was great from start to finish. They kept us informed of the pros and cons of the BladeSystem c3000 vs. the c7000, and helped us make the right choice for our power situation, server needs and budget.”

Tim Suttle

TechSoup Global

“If you want to work with an ethical, an honest, true solution oriented partner then Dasher is truly the only choice. They know this territory well, they know the products well. They can bring in unbiased opinions and architects to really build true solutions for customers like no other.”

Melisa Margraves


“Dasher sits on Intel’s solution provider advisory council. They provide a lot of input to Intel’s roadmap and long term strategies and give us a lot of great feedback on what’s working and what’s not working in the market.”

Uyen Duong


“There are a lot of resellers out there and integrators. Dasher adds the value of not just pushing paper but they do the whole gamut of enterprise storage, networking and security.”

Matt Rourke


“Whether it’s the sales staff or engineers, it’s a very pleasant group to work with. I would definitely say that Dasher is a valued partner in terms of not just implementing solutions but really a trusted adviser helping you with your business strategy overall.”

Julia Wang


“They have a great perspective of all the technology available on the market and therefore they are able to give customers honest feedback on the solutions and really provide a full solution rather than just the product that the customer needs at that moment.”

Sunny Nelson


“They are able to speak agnostically across a variety of platforms to deliver the right solution for the client and not simply whatever the solution of the month might be. They have high integrity, high ethics.”

Sean Tario

Open Spectrum

“Dasher is a fantastic partner, they really go out of their way for their integration services to make a very, very strong solution for the customer. A lot of others are just box pushers. Dasher really goes out of their way to make the best solution for their customer.”

Christy Herman


“It has to do with the level of expertise that Dasher offers, from the sales team to the engineering team. Everybody seams to really want to be on the same page and work directly with us for the end users best interest.”

Bob Pothier