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By Dasher Engineering Staff

Dasher has sifted through many of the recent marketing emails we all receive every day to find the best offerings and recommendations from our technology partners. This web page will be a collection of what Dasher has determined are valuable resources for our clients.

Dasher Pro Services Credits

The first offer is directly from Dasher. Dasher is offering 4 hours of remote IT consulting services for our valued clients to help support your business during these challenging times. These service credits can be solely applied to new consulting projects with Dasher. Dasher is offering one four-hour block of credits per client. The offer is not intended for public sector clients as they may not be authorized to accept the free credits. Here are some of the things we can deliver remotely in 4 hours:

    1. Dasher can help your staff configure some of the solutions noted below on this page such as the Aruba UXI and Remote Access Solutions or the Tenable Vulnerability scanning solutions.
    2. Dasher can kick off a VMware assessment tool that reports on the health of your virtualization environment. You might use this information to plan a migration to the cloud, or to size upgrades needed and to recover unused resources in your VM cluster.
    3. Dasher can provide a Firewall Best Practices Assessment to ensure your firewalls are configured optimally.
    4. Dasher can provide a Wireless Best Practices Assessment to ensure your wireless is configured and deployed for optimal user experience.
    5. Dasher can perform a Virtual Wireless Site Survey (RF Modeling) to ensure optimal placement of new wireless access points.
    6. Dasher can provide Advanced Consulting Services to support your IT initiatives which could include things like vCIO (Virtual CIO) or vCISO (Virtual CISO).
    7. You get the idea… Reach out to your account executive or email to [email protected] and work with them to get a Dasher Engineer assigned to help with your business challenges.

Weka software is a Software Defined Storage solution that is designed to run as an NVMe-native, resilient, POSIX compliant, shared file system, delivering the highest bandwidth, lowest latency performance to clusters of CPU and GPU powered servers. 

Weka is offering 120 days free use of WekaFS on AWS for COVID-19 researchers! Learn more and request a trial license from Dasher and Weka today.  Learn more and request more information to get started today by filling out the form below.

The Dasher Review: “Dasher has worked on countless projects with Weka at companies in the life sciences vertical that are looking for high performance storage.  We have implemented our own test environment and helped client setup AWS based Weka solutions.”, Brandon Pitta, Enterprise Architect.


Qumulo provides a hybrid cloud file storage solution that provides real-time visibility, scale and control of data. Qumulo was architected and built as a software-defined file system that enables programmatic configuration and management of usage, capacity and performance. 

Qumulo is making its software in AWS and Google Cloud available free of charge through July 2020 to organizations combating the COVID-19 outbreak.  Learn more and request more information to get started today by filling out the form below.

Aruba Solutions

Aruba UXI Healthcare Dasher

For our healthcare clients, Aruba is offering 5 free UXI (User Experience Insight) Sensors (Formerly called Cape sensors) and a 6 month license to the UXI cloud-based monitoring and management solution. Paired with the free 4 hours of Dasher Pro Services Credits we can ensure you are up and running with these UXI devices in no time.
These sensors act like end user devices and report back network performance and conduct remote troubleshooting of the network. Aruba UXI continuously runs pre-defined or customizable tests on network services and applications over wireless and wired connections, with integrated LTE for resiliency. Combined with a simple cloud-based user interface, healthcare IT gains a real-time view of any vendor’s network and reports application performance the way users experience it. Here is a link to the UXI landing page for more information.

Aruba Remote Access Points

90 day evaluation licenses for Remote Access Points – Designed for clients who need to deploy an on-premises remote access solution using Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs) and Mobility Controllers/Mobility Masters (MM). Aruba’s current 30 day evaluation license can be renewed twice, up to 90 days. RAP Solution Guide is here.

The Dasher Review: “RAPs are an excellent solution to “extend” the experience of connecting to the corporate network outside of the office walls all the way to your employee’s homes. The RAP broadcasts the same Corporate SSID that the client would see at the office. The client connects to this network the same way they do at the office, granting them access to corporate network resources without the headache of client-side VPN software.  The RAP also provides a PoE port ideal for a desk phone. It’s like taking the office network home with you.”, Bobby Glover, Networking Lead Solution Architect

Aruba Instant Access Point VPN (IAP-VPN)

90 day evaluation licenses for Instant Access Point (IAP)-VPNs – Designed for clients who need cloud or on-premises remote access solutions using Aruba APs in Aruba Instant mode and either Aruba Central-managed Gateways or Mobility Controllers/MM. Aruba’s current 30 day evaluation license can be renewed twice, up to 90 days. The IAP-VPN Solution Guide is here.

The Dasher Review: “IAP-VPN allows for securely connecting devices to the corporate network. The corporate network is extended out to the client; it is as if the client has connected their laptop or desk phone directly to the network at the corporate office.  All of the resources that the client is accustomed to having access to inside the office are provided at home. Because of this, there is no “learning curve” for the client, therefore productivity is maximized at home.”, Bobby Glover, Networking Lead Solution Architect

Aruba Virtual Intranet Access (VIA)

90 day evaluation licenses for Aruba Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) – Designed for clients who need cloud or on-premises remote access solutions using Aruba VIA (Virtual Intranet Access) and either Aruba Central-managed Gateways or Mobility Controllers/MM. Aruba’s current 30 day evaluation (Eval) can be renewed twice, up to 90 days total. The VIA Solution Guide is here.

The Dasher Review: “Aruba VIA enables clients who are on the go to securely connect their device to their corporate network. Whether at home or connected to a non-corporate network (coffee shop, airport, etc), Aruba VIA allows your device to access the corporate network and corporate cloud infrastructure securely.”, Bobby Glover, Networking Lead Solution Architect

Tenable Security Solutions

For customers, through April 30th, you will be able to leverage elastic asset licensing at no additional cost to exceed your licensed asset count to deploy Nessus Agents across all of your endpoints, including remote workers’ personal machines. Our elastic asset licensing enables overages for a period of time without interruption to services or assessment.

For customers, a instance will be made available to you for free with unlimited agent scanning capabilities. This temporary instance will be available through June 15th (Extended from April 30th). Please speak to your Tenable Customer Success Manager (CSM) or your Dasher Account Executive to enable this capability.

For Nessus Pro customers, a evaluation instance is available for free for 30 days with unlimited agent scanning capabilities. You can request the free trial here.

Tenable has put together a set of resources to help you setup agent scanning, available on the tenable blog, or use the free Dasher Pro Services Credits to start you on your way.

The Dasher Review: “Clients often ask us if we offer penetration testing services, which we do, and our immediate question is, “Do you already perform routine vulnerability scanning?”  Typically, the first phase of a pentest is information gathering, i.e. find out what systems are on the network and what vulnerabilities exist on those systems so those vulnerabilities can be exploited. In a pentest report this information is among the most valuable data. It highlights what systems need to be patched, updated, or re-configured in order to secure the network. How does Dasher gather this information? We run a Tenable Nessus scan of the network. Therefore, we strongly recommend our clients first scan and address their network vulnerabilities before investing in the pentest. The analogy we like to use is that it is common sense that if you want to test the physical security of a building you would first close all the windows, lock all the doors, and enable the alarm. I think my most important review of Tenable is that Dasher uses it internally to continuously scan our network for vulnerabilities.”, Mitchell Hurd, Cybersecurity Lead Solution Architect.

Rubrik Backup Solutions

With ransomware attacks on the rise as cybercriminals exploit global threats, Rubrik has decided to make their ransomware remediation solution (Polaris Radar) available to existing Rubrik clients at no cost through July 10, 2020. To activate a free Polaris Radar subscription go here. Using your free Dasher Pro Services 4 hours credits, Dasher will work with our clients and Rubrik to help you maximize the benefits of adopting Radar.

The Dasher Review: “In the last several years, Ransomware attacks have become more frequent and sophisticated. Dasher has found that the best defense is a rock-solid and secure backup and restore solution. It’s not glamorous, but when the phone rings and the topic is Ransomware, the first thing we want to know is if the backups are secure.  We love it when our clients answer is that they have deployed Rubrik.”, Ryan Ollenburger, Data Center Lead Solution Architect

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