Congratulations to the Converge IBM team for winning 5 IBM Excellence awards!

By Michael Westerfield, Enterprise Architect

One of the best things about being acquired by a larger company is the ability to expand our portfolio of products that we’re able to engage with our clients on.  What’s even better is when our new parent company (Converge Technology Solutions) brings the same high level of operational and technical excellence to the table with new practice areas for Dasher, that we’ve been able to provide over the years.  With that in mind, it’s great to congratulate the Converge IBM team and Converge as a whole for winning 5 IBM Excellence Awards this year!

From the Converge Technology Solutions Announcement:

Converge Technology Solutions Corp.  software-enabled IT & Cloud Solutions provider, is honored to be the recipient of five IBM Awards. In addition to winning a 2021 IBM Beacon Award, Converge has been named the Top North America Sell Business Partner of the Year (Geography Excellence), the Top North America IBM and Red Hat Synergy Partner of the Year (Geography Excellence), the winner of the IBM Data and AI Business Unit Excellence Award for Cloud Pak for Data, and the winner of the IBM Business Unit Excellence Award for Protect: Digital Trust.

Converge has built four key practice areas that align to IBM and Red Hat solutions: Advanced Analytics, Cybersecurity, Hybrid & Public Cloud, and Digital Infrastructure. The synergy and continued partnership between IBM, Red Hat, and Converge has strengthened these key offerings, with IBM being one of Converge’s largest partners today. Additionally, Converge deeply understands the IBM portfolio and places an emphasis on IBM skills and capabilities being built into an organization’s DNA when adding to the Company’s portfolio of companies.

The IBM Excellence Awards recognize the stellar performance of IBM Business Partners who have demonstrated excellence and driven exceptional client experiences and business growth. Converge is the only North American partner to receive two Geography Excellence Awards.

Read More on the Converge Blog.

And if you prefer videos we have some posted to LinkedIN and a more in-depth one on via IBM.

How can we help with IBM offerings?

There are many ways that our IBM team can help you achieve your business goals, here’s a few:

  • Hybrid and Public Cloud Solutions
    • Infrastructure as a Service
      • Power Services Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud
      • IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions
      • Skytap on IBM Cloud
    • Public Cloud Spend Management
    • Cloud native application development, for example AI/ML
    • RedHat for Automation and Containers with Ansible & OpenShift
    • Agile Integration
    • IT Automation
  • Data Management and Analytics
    • Artificial Intelligence
      • Image Recognition
      • Machine Learning
      • Virtual Agents
    • Business Analytics: Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
    • Data Management: Data Integration & Visualization
    • Application Development: Full Stack & Cloud Native
    • Certified In Cognos, SPSS, Db2, ILOG
    • Big Data
    • IOT

If you have any questions regarding our IBM family of offerings, please reach out us by going to our Contact Us page.









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