A systematic approach to ensure evolving network vulnerabilities are addressed

By Ashish Shah, Senior Solution Architect, Dasher Technologies

“I didn’t know.”

As an IT leader, you never want to utter these three words after a cybersecurity breach. From malicious trojans to sophisticated phishing schemes, understanding your company’s vulnerabilities ensures your networks remain fortified against omnipresent cyber risks that threaten your business goals.

Data has never been more valuable — or vulnerable. With cyber breaches costing nearly $600 billion annually, organizations can no longer afford to ignore impending threats. Investing in cybersecurity should be thought of us as purchasing a necessary insurance policy and enacting risk management for absolute worst-case scenarios.

Bullet-proof your network from end-to-end

Strategic assessment is the first step to adopting a secure posture. Identifying true security gaps in your public and private IT infrastructure allows you to measure, manage, and increase cybersecurity effectiveness. Dasher’s expert engineers can help you identify potential vulnerabilities that would allow hackers to access your company’s private networks and sensitive data.

Unfortunately, most executive teams don’t have insight into day-to-day cybersecurity operations. To help inform key decision makers, a cybersecurity assessment also serves as a compelling executive summary to help your organization make informed decisions about security infrastructure.

Practical, prioritized cybersecurity steps to protect your business

Some cybersecurity assessments result in lengthy, siloed to-do lists for internal IT departments to handle. This just isn’t a logical approach for managing the increasingly complex IT systems that keep your business functioning. Instead, Dasher carefully evaluates your IT environment to develop a critical analysis of your current cybersecurity framework. Our expert engineers then build a customized IT plan specific to your business, leveraging applicable technology to defend your digital core with our Zero Trust architecture approach.

Dasher’s cybersecurity assessments are a strategic service that weighs your company’s priorities, budgets, and particular threats. We help you answer these critical questions with validated, expert industry experience:

  • How effective is your cybersecurity approach?
  • Have you been breached? What data was compromised?
  • What are the potential weaknesses in my network that can be exploited by cyber criminals?
  • How quickly can my organization identify and respond to security threats?

Dasher IT assessment services

Cybersecurity impacts business function and must be addressed within the fabric of business IT. Dasher helps you solve this and other technology infrastructure challenges with personalized expertize and a comprehensive selection of professional services, including:

  • Hybrid cloud migration orchestration and management
  • Network architecture assessments
  • Network access control appraisal and policy
  • Endpoint protection methodology
  • CIS Top 20 audits
  • Multicloud security strategy

To learn more about how Dasher can help you securely manage and grow your IT environment, please email [email protected].