Clearing Cloud Complexity with Dasher Expertise

Chris Saso, CTO, Dasher Technologies

In the cloud, everything is a service. That’s one reason why enterprises large and small are rapidly embracing cloud solutions. Whether it is leveraging scalable microservices architectures for bleeding-edge, on-demand service delivery via AWS or simply subscribing to a selection of Microsoft’s trusted cloud-based business apps to simplify operations, around 96% of organizations now use some form of cloud service.

As recently reported in Forbes: “Today, cloud computing services are where organizations go to consume the most advanced technology and the market continues to change at an accelerated pace. Competition amongst the top four U.S.-based cloud computing providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure) continues to heat up as cloud computing becomes the foundation for enterprise IT digital transformation strategies.”

Azure, AWS, and Google

Having undertaken our own cloud journey, Dasher is intimately familiar with the massive shift currently underway, as well as its impact on business. Just last month, ZDNet noted that “cloud computing is driving IT spending overall… Gartner predicts that 2019 global IT spending will increase 3.2 percent to $3.76 trillion with as-a-service models fueling everything from data center spending to enterprise software.”

Adoption and integration of these models comes in many shapes and forms — some organizations favor hybrid infrastructure blending public cloud and traditional on-premises solutions, others use multiple public and/or private clouds for particular and varied applications and workloads, and so on.

Dasher gets called upon for cloud-migration professional services as varied as Microsoft Azure Active Directory, SharePoint/OneDrive and O365 migrations; AWS architecture assessments; security integrations or virtual firewalls with PAN, Fortinet, etc.; G-Suite migrations; DevOps consultation…the list goes on and on. 

Idera has been working with Dasher since 2017 because they have the expert engineering staff that we leverage for projects such as storage, cybersecurity, data center moves and cloud services. Dasher’s Professional Services team has successfully delivered projects for Idera leveraging leading vendors such as Red Hat, VMWare, Cylance and AWS.” — Jimmy Phomphaksavanh, director of IT, Idera

Our expertise with AWS and Azure is well established and continually expanding. We’re active on the AWS Partner Network (APN) as an AWS Select Consulting Partner. Dasher has experts on staff that are both AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associates. Dasher is also a certified solution provider for Microsoft with eight trained and certified engineers and over 35 MS certifications and assessments attained. Dasher demonstrates Gold and Silver level competencies across a wide range of Microsoft disciplines for both the data center and Cloud.

We’re also branching further into Google Cloud as it moves away from technical solutions and toward business solutions. There seems to be an ever-expanding buffet of options for business when it comes to cloud capabilities — which are attended by unexpected impediments.

The Cure for Cloud Complexity

There’s a lot to choose from among innovative AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud services. The downside to cloud advancement and greater choice is escalating complexity. Deloitte Consulting’s chief cloud strategy officer David S. Linthicum stated that “cloud complexity is the number one reason enterprises experience failures with cloud.” Continuous improvements and rapidly proliferating new service offerings make managing the cloud landscape ever more challenging operationally — particularly for IT departments.

Dasher helps enterprise IT rise to those challenges and minimize that complexity.

We’re a vendor neutral consultancy and end-to-end IT solution provider with expert engineers well-versed in the evolving intricacies of all major IT solutions and cloud providers. 

Dasher helps clarify operational needs and integration particulars, determine what cloud options are best for the business, and identify ways to securely put different service delivery models into place — providing everything from demo and proof-of-concept capabilities to physical and virtual cloud installation, deployment and configuration services for all solution components, and ongoing managed services leveraging strong partnerships with major vendors and providers.

Dasher Cloud Services Solutions

Dasher’s engineering services for cloud typically cover a 5-point range:

  • Assessment: Thorough evaluation of needs, system architecture and design, preferred technology evaluation and selection, project management, and cloud DC consideration
  • Architect: Determinations covering private and/or public cloud utilization, workload migration, DC-to-cloud and/or cloud-to-cloud backup, virtual appliances, and cloud security  
  • Implementation: Encompassing everything from workload migrations, container solutions, hybrid cloud solutions, identity and access management, SIEM, automation and orchestration to customized optimization of the DevOps toolchain 
  • Training: Customized instruction, as well as development and delivery of personalized playbooks and best practice guides
  • Management and Optimization: Adds, removes, changes, quarterly reviews, solution roadmaps, and management of support escalations 

Customizing Cloud Adoption

Dasher is a cloud solution provider and IT champion that personalizes delivery to best fit our clients’ needs. That means clearing away complexity to deliver an up-to-date, comprehensive, and customized cloud implementation that’s right for you. 

Call Dasher at (866) 898-9506 or email us at [email protected] to talk about your best cloud options.