By: Chris Saso, SVP of Technology

Retiring old hardware?
Today we are following up from a previous blog post where we talked about how Dasher can provide consolidated, co-term support agreements.  In that post we discussed equipment naturally goes out of service and has to be “dealt” with.  It turns out there are many alternatives for what to do with your aging data center IT hardware.

In today’s green society it is certainly not OK to simply throw a server in the dumpster and there are laws governing the proper disposal of e-waste.  Dasher can help with this part of the Data Center equipment life cycle just as well as we help with the initial assessment, plan, design, procurement, implementation and optimization phases of your IT projects.

Safe and certified data destruction
Dasher can provide several services in the area of end of life recycling and equipment removal.  We provide certified Department of Defense (DoD) 5220-20-m 3-pass data wipe services.  We can come onsite with equipment to wipe and destroy data prior to removing equipment.  If you are in the healthcare industry, we support HIPAA compliant wiping or destruction of data and will sign and provide certificates of destruction or wipe as needed.

Unlocking hidden dollars
A good time to think about recycling old gear is when you are looking at investing in new gear. We can provide attractive trade-in programs for servers, storage and networking hardware.  Even if your equipment is dated or you think it is worth nothing, please contact us because you may surprisingly  find out that one of our manufacturing partners has promotional programs in place for trade-ins to lower the cost of your new acquisition.  Even if you are not looking at investing in new equipment we can work with our different recycling vendors to see if there are potential dollars in your old equipment.  Many of our clients have been surprised to find that old equipment that has been taking up data center space and power and had formerly been costing them money, can now make them a few dollars.

Finally, if you need staff to unrack the equipment and prepare it for pickup we can help you with that as well.  Don’t let your old equipment sit in the corner of your data center gathering dust, or taking up valuable rack space.  Give us a call or email and let’s start the conversation about recycling your old equipment!