Partner Overview

AWS Select Consulting Partner

Dasher Technologies - AWS Select Consulting Partner.

“Idera has been working with Dasher since 2017 because they have the expert engineering staff that we leverage for projects such as storage, cybersecurity, data center moves and cloud services. Dasher’s Professional Services team has successfully delivered projects for Idera leveraging leading vendors such as Red Hat, VMWare, Cylance and AWS.”— Jimmy Phomphaksavanh, director of IT, Idera

Dasher Technologies and AWS Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing with AWS

Dasher Technologies implements cloud computing solutions that let your organization focus on its customers that replace or supplement your on-premise servers. Instead of having to invest heavily in data centers and servers before you know how you’re going to use them, you can pay only when you consume computing resources, and pay only for how much you consume. Companies that use cloud computing can achieve a lower variable cost than they can get on their own. This is because usage from hundreds of thousands of customers is aggregated in the cloud, meaning providers such as AWS can achieve higher economies of scale. This translates into lower pay as-you-go prices.

In partnership with AWS, Dasher Technologies provides cloud services for a broad range of applications including security, compute, storage, databases, networking, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), security, and application development, deployment, and management. Dasher’s expert engineers help clients pick and choose from these services to develop and scale new applications, or run existing applications in the cloud. This results in a dramatic increase in agility for your organization, since the cost and time it takes to experiment and develop is significantly lower.

Dasher Technologies is a certified AWS solution provider that is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cloud Complexity

Enterprise environments are often a mix of cloud, on-premises data centers, and edge locations. Dasher engineers IT solutions that simplify hybrid cloud IT for a successful digital transformation.

Amazon Web Services — Four Key Advantages

An advantage of the AWS cloud is that it allows our clients to scale and innovate, while maintaining a secure environment.

AWS Auto Scaling monitors your applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost.

You own your data. AWS has developed a security assurance program that uses best practices for global privacy and data protection.

AWS offers you a pay-as-you-go approach for pricing for over 160 cloud services.  With AWS, you pay only for the individual services you need.

Dasher Technologies AWS Certifications

Our customers count on us to understand AWS inside and out to design their custom cloud solutions. Dasher has invested in our team and holds several AWS Certifications.

Dasher Technologies AWS certifications include:

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Certified Architect - Associate

AWS Certified Architect - Professional

AWS Business Professional

Why Dasher Technologies as your AWS solution provider?

Dasher’s expert engineers are deeply trained on the latest Amazon Web Services solutions.

Dasher has access to the widest offering of Amazon Web Services IT solutions.

Dasher is a trusted technology partner, crafting a specific plan to fix your IT challenges.

Dasher offers comprehensive IT expertise to deliver holistic, vendor-agnostic solutions.