By: Ahmer Bhatty, Network Engineer

For today’s blog post, I will be briefly discussing an interesting article that I came across, titled “The top 5 security threats to watch for in 2014”.  Many companies are taking a closer look at their corporate network to prevent security threats that can potentially take down their network.
As the article pointed out, here are the top five security threats that companies should pay attention to this year:

Mobile Malware
This is one of the security threats that does not have a high profile yet due to the lack of successful large-scale attacks on mobile devices.  However, this does not mean that businesses should ignore these hidden threats.  Now is the best time to carefully look at  mobile devices and analyze what preventative actions are required to avoid falling victim to these threats.

The Internet of Things
It means that as the world of connected devices is expanding and evolving, dramatically more devices are put to use in our daily business and personal lives.  Due to this increasing interaction and communication of these devices with one another and cloud based applications the threat of security vulnerabilities increases.  Another contributing factor to the in this area is the rapid and continual development of open protocols for these new devices.

Virtual Currencies under Siege
One of the popular examples of these virtual currencies is called Bitcoin.  Like real currencies, these currencies can be purchased and gain or lose value.  Therefore, it is key that these investments be protected and monitored constantly.

Windows XP
This version of Windows is currently being used in many corporate environments.  As this version is becoming out-of-date and Microsoft official support comes to an end, it is prone to aging and becoming a hacker target.  It is wise for customers to start the process of migrating to a newer version of Windows.

More Data Breaches
As stored data growth increases, it is critical for customers to protect and monitor their data storage systems for security breaches.  These breaches can potentially cause information to be stolen and businesses could incur a loss of profitability.  It is critical for businesses to constantly evaluate their monitoring systems and implement state-of-the-art security solutions to prevent and avoid these breaches.

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