By: Alyse Okumura, Marketing Coordinator tech-forum-e1398191988974  

Thank you to all the guests and vendors who participated in this years Annual User Tech Forum!  For those that were not able to attend, we wanted to share the break-out presentations which were given by our engineers as well as some notes, questions and comments overheard in the discussions. Let us know if you have any additional questions about the topics below or have your own personal comments you’d like to add. Please submit them below or email them here.

Big Data

  • 50TB of run simulation that needs to store the data back
  • “Who has a C-level at their company ask how they are leveraging big data?”
  • “SPLUNK – We have it but we don’t use it. We never got proper training and it’s difficult to use.”
  • “How do I know if we actually have ‘Big Data?'”
  • “Selling our data back. How are we mining data?”
  • “Genomics database is huge.  Don’t necessarily need to know exactly the questions that you want to ask in big data.”
  • “If Vertica is the same rdns can you use the same application to access the data?”
  • “Interested in using Vertica and possibly creating an entirely new environment to see how Vertica works, would use the free 1TB of Vertica if they thought it would be advantageous and would work but they use old technologies that probably wouldn’t be optimal.”
  • “A lot of their data changes which can create issues.  Database is growing a lot from 1gb to now 3 or 4 gbs and would like to be able to access old files to get rid of and be able to clean up the system.  Being able to query these files.”
  • “How do you protect your data?”

Flash Storage

  • “We couldn’t justify using Dell SSD because the backplane was too slow.”
  • “We don’t use VDI but we use a flash based storage, 90% virtualized”
  • “We use 2 tiers, one is Nimble and one is Netapp.”
  • “Big companies come at you with additional licensing and licensing fees,  smaller companies throw everything in.”
  • “At what point does 3pt start exceeding a 10gb? when you start getting to the 40gb it starts becoming no contest.”
  • “Was interested in vcen and when it would be ready for production environments, whether Dasher has tested it in their labs.
  • “Were interested in what environments to use flash with and where it would best impact their performance.”
  • “Can you get more throughput with a LFF or SFF, why has 10k become more prevalent than 15k?”
  • “Will you see a performance difference when a flash drive is 10% full or 90% full?”
  • “Flash doenst have an impact on sequential.”

SDN Networking

  • “If it is not open flow capable it will need to be replaced in the next couple years.
  • “If I run a medium scale company and we are looking to go with a hybrid approach. What is the advantage of going with the SDN approach? “
  • “How does OpenFlow remove the traffic/ fix bottle necks?”
  • “Does the SDN controller live in an out of band management network?”
  • “Is there intercompadability with different vendors? Do they all speak to each other?”
  • “I’m interested to see how Cumulous and Broadcom handle this.”
  • “Being able to change the controls from every switch and device from one central controller instead of just adding another acronym.”
  • “Openflow and Openstack were of interest about what the standards are and who would be owning it. Who determines the Openflow standard?”
  • “This seems pretty early in the technology. Is this, OpenFlow, early entry, and when is the market going to accept it? I’m thinking 3-5 years… seems risky.”
  • “VMware is having a leg up in SDN because they’ve already been creating software for the different hardware.”
  • “How does VMware NSX relate to Openflow? Openflow enabled switch you can run VMware on top of it and use NSX to manage it.”
  • “The advantage of being able to have things backed up so that when you bring in new hardware, the network can be up and running that much faster.
  • “Bring your own app.”
  • “When will SDN come out and when the manufactures will have switches that are Openflow compatible? Its existed for a long time but has been called something else, no longer need to purchase the expensive hardware pieces you can get a server. Manufactures will need to have interfaces that hopefully will have to adhere to open standards so you can plug in other stuff to that interface.  There will have to be open source management. Concern about licensing fees on the hardware that will be sold.”
  • “Openflow logical structure- Benefits: Extends scalabilty beyond traditional limits, remove traffic bottlenecks, improved resource utilization, standards-based using OpenFlow.”
  • “Can the legacy hardware from Cisco/HP be upgrade to support Openflow?”

Next Generation Server Compute

  • “Data centers outside of the US? VMware vCloud Hybrid Service”
  • “Waiting for VMware Hybrid service to mature. Also, Very expensive.”
  • “Is Openstack something you have seen people deploy in production?  Is it a 6 month deployment cycle?
  • “Who gets to organize the check ins? VMware is involved although it could be considered an alternative?
  • “Are all the cloud service applications pushing down a resident memory application in order to communicate with it?”
  • “We are a VMware shop, so one key would be data migration so how would we do this
  • “Neflix built chaos monkey to prove resiliency.”
  • “We’re using cloud for private not for public, needed a way to provide notes to researchers and its much easier to templatize it and deploy it via the cloud. Orderly kill all of their web servers as a security implications worried about one of their server hosts being compromised. Dont use public cloud because if its really data intensive there is no vendor that can do it (data input and output rate is a key factor). Volume in research is not supporting public cloud because they would be charged to push all of this information in and out.
  • “HIPPA compliance issues so the same deal.  Amazon is the leader with static websites and they are impressed with theirs.”
  • “If you’re looking at SRM or building your own center. If app will at site A what needs to be at site B for it to function?”
  • “Profiling: Reacquaint yourself with your own systems, so we know what to prioritize what needs to be spent out on the cloud.”
  • “How do you restore TB off data over the internet?”
  • “What is your rate of change for replicating Data? This you need to know before you know what you need.”
  • “Who uses file sharing sites like Box? “