By: Alyse Okumura, Marketing Coordinator

Over the last few months we have been expanding our OpenStack practice and you’ve probably read a few of our blog posts around this technology. Many of our clients have been inquiring how they can deploy a private cloud in their environment utilizing the OpenStack open-source software. With our recent partnership with Piston Cloud Computing, we wanted to share how easy it is to install and deploy Piston in a short 5 minute YouTube video. We will soon have many more videos from our Dasher Engineers! Stay Stunned!

 Video Description: Building and operating private cloud infrastructure is an increasingly popular topic for discussion in organizations large and small. Hear from our Sr. Solution Architect, Ryan Day as he gives a high level overview of what it can look like to deploy an OpenStack private cloud and introduces our newest OpenStack partner: Piston Cloud Computing. He walks us through an install in under 10 minutes, including requirements and some common workflow demos such as creating projects (tenants), users, instances, storage provisioning as well as scaling out a cluster and performing software upgrades. If you’re interested in learning more about OpenStack or Piston specifically, contact us at